Bought from cosworx: Shoulder length dark brown wig. Worn three times. Going for $20.
Photo link: http://images.cosplay.com/gallery.php?cat=12593&member=3091

Bought from amphigory: Short Blonde round wig. Worn three times. Going for $20.
Photo link: http://images.cosplay.com/gallery.php?cat=23962&member=3091

Base Wig bought at amphigory, extensions from dr-locks.com: Short pink wig with zig-zag part. Worn twice (once at two different cons). Hardwork went into this wig, a bunch of extensions and a bunch of love. Odangos INCLUDED. Going for $40. If multiple people want it, highest offer.
Photo link: http://images.cosplay.com/gallery.php?cat=9211&member=3091

Doujinshi All doujinshi is 7 USD unless otherwise specified.
Jetaime x Jetaime- Golden Pair YAOI from Prince of Tennis. Rated NC-17.
Love Me Deeper- Golden Pair YAOI from Prince of Tennis. Rated R.

Hello Kitty Purse (not beaded): 3 USD
Hello Kitty Purse (beaded): 4 USD
Shinobu Figurine from Love Hina: 4 USD
Pokémon Coloring Book: $5.00
.hack//TWILIGHT Pencilboard: $3.00

Manga All manga is 5 USD. Prices of manga sets are listed respectively.</b>
X/1999 Volume 13
Shoujo Kakumei Utena: Adolescent Apocalypse
Naruto Set (1,2,3): $10

Fake Set (1,2,4,5,6,7): $20
Angel Sanctuary Volume 1

Anime VHS and DVD
Tenchi Forever[dub]: 7 USD
Knights of Ramune[dub]: 5 USD
Fushigi Yugi[dub]: 7 USD
Robotech: 7 USD
.hack//sign: 7 USD per each.

Prices are flexible and combine shipping is an option. Payment information can be seen on this post. Thanks for looking!
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Hey Everyone! This journal belongs to chienverde's purposes of selling items that I desire no longer. Most items are related with japanese pop culture, but I sell everything from clothing to cds ^_^

Here is shipping and payment information:

Acceptable Methods of Payment:
Money Order and Concealed cash (at buyer's own risk). I'll set up a paypal account soon for those who do paypal transactions!

E-mail me at nanjarohoihoi [at] gmail DOT com for shipping prices worldwide.

I will put an item on hold for two weeks and that should be ample time for you to pay for your items. If you cannot (for some reason) pay me within two weeks, please send me an e-mail explaining why and I will determine whether or not I will hold it for you.

I will put up auctions HERE, not on ebay, for items that have had multiple requests for it. The system is that you post a comment with your offer and of course you can bid multiple times. When the auction period is over I will say so in the entry. Winner's name will be edited into the entry. If you do not pay me within a two weeks I will sell the item to the second highest bidder.

[H]- Item is on hold
[A]- Item is being auctioned (the 'A' will be a link to the auction)